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SPL [एसपीएल] is closely entwined with the evolution of Space Sciences and Space Research in India and dates back to more than four decades. Making a humble beginning as a ground support provider for the sounding rocket experiments, with the expansion of the horizon covering the whole gamut of atmospheric and space sciences, the Space Physics Laboratory, with its autonomy in science programs, has traveled a long way. Today, it has attained the status of a vibrant academic institution with front ranking research areas and problems, and a strong and vibrant research fellows program and a leading Atmospheric, Space, and Planetary Research Laboratory in the country, with international repute. It interacts very closely with the academia and other research institutions in India and abroad. Recognition, in the form of awards and accolades, has been coming-in along with the Laboratory’s evolution and growth. SPL has ambitious programs for the years to come, with the extensive support from ISRO. 


Our Vision:

Scientific understanding of the energetics, dynamics and chemistry

of the terrestrial and planetary environments,and implications to the society


हमारा उद्देश्य:
भौमिक एवं ग्रहीय पर्यावरण के ऊर्ज़ा विज्ञान, गतिकी, एवं

रसायन शास्त्र की वैज्ञानिक समझ,
तथा समाज़ पर इनकी विवक्षा

  OUR DIRECTOR / हमारे निदेशक  

Dr. K. Rajeev / डॉ के राजीव




           Microwave and Boundary Layer Physics              



Ionosphere Thermosphere Magnetosphere Physics






Aerosols, Trace gases and Radiative Forcing



                   Planetary Science                      




   Numerical Atmosphere Modelling          



            Atmosphere Technology                      






            Atmospheric Dynamics                       



     Atmospheric and Space Sciences        






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