Trace gases

  • In-situ measurements of the spatio-temporal characteristics of atmospheric trace gases O3, NOx, CO and trace gases CH4 and CO2 over Indian landmass and adjoining marine environments, using on-line gas analysers
  • Balloon-based altitude profiling of Ozone
  • Satellite-data based studies on the tropospheric distribution of trace gases and their variations over indian region
  • Investigations on the role of mesoscale and synoptic scale meteorology on spatio-temporal distribution of trace gases
  • Delineation of photochemistry and transport
  • Model simulations of observed spatio- temporal features of trace gases
  • Quantification of natural and anthropogenic contributions
  • Assessment of radiative impact

Aerosol chemistry

  • Chemical characterisation of atmospheric aerosols at geographically distinct environments over Indian region
  • Studies on size-resolved chemical composition
  • Characterisation of organic aerosols
  • Assessment of anthropogenic influence
  • Use of Chemical composition for identification of sources & transport processes (as tracers)
  • Development of Chemical Models of aerosols for geographically distinct regions over Indian subcontinent to form inputs to radiative transfer/climate models